THAT vintage Hip-Hop Font!


For many years now I’ve had a dream / idea to combine the unnamed classic vintage Hip Hop font with our film events, trouble is the font is unnamed so how do I find it?

Every few years I dig around and try and find it usually not really getting anywhere, that is until I did a search last month and stumbled on what I’d been search after for years: the font itself! You see I wasn’t the only person looking for it, Ben over at World Famous Original had been on the same path as me, but he’d gone way beyond what I’d been doing, he went and actually created his own version of the font from scratch and also created his own iron-on letter sets for it! His version is now titled GRANDMASTER CLASH, which is just such a perfect combination of words and the perfect name for this no name font.


So not only can you now get a digital version of this classic unnamed font but I can actually make my dream top thanks to Ben. As soon as I found the site where he sells them I purchased the license to use the font for commercial use, so expect to see it on our our flyers etc from now on, but I also picked up several packs of these custom iron-on letters!


They turned up in the post all the way from Los Angeles this week and I didn’t waste any time in getting to work creating the dream top I’d always wanted, the letters were super simple to iron-on and the results speak for themselves!


Expect to see me wearing this top and many more home made creations as soon as London cools down a bit! Want to get your own set, then head to World Famous Original right now!