Network 7 – Channel 4

Network 7, or Network Seven as the actual logo spells it, was a short lived but fairly groundbreaking TV show from Channel 4 that aired for two seasons in 1987 & 1988. I remember this show very fondly mostly because for the first time there was actually something interesting to watch on TV during Sunday daytime!


Last year I found two blank tapes on ebay and the picture shows the labels saying they had Network 7 episodes on them, so I took the chance and won the tapes, hoping that what was written on them was what was actually on the tapes. We got lucky and the tapes were what they said they were, two complete episodes of the show from 1988! Those tapes have now reached the top of the To Upload pile and I added them to our YouTube channel this week. These two episodes come from towards the end of the second season, by that time all the presenters I remember seem to have moved on, but these are still two fun shows and reminded me of how far ahead of it’s time the show seemed even then. Enjoy these two complete shows below:

Network 7 – full episode from Sunday 18th September 1988

Network 7 – Full episode from Sunday 25th September 1988