Cold Hell at FrightFest 2017!

Cold Hell

We’ve programmed the amazing serial killer thriller Cold Hell at FrightFest this year, here’s our main man Evrim on why you should come and watch with us there!

“I know the situation: the screens are full of films that you wanna see and it’s almost impossible to make a choice. But come Saturday night, 9PM, there should be a film burning brightly on your radar: COLD HELL – and I’m here to tell you why.

Imagine if you will if the Brian De Palma inspired, violent serial killer thrillers of the late 80’s had undergone a class to re-adjust them to the modern age and the result might look something similar to Cold Hell. Set in a different, lurid Vienna, all Neon and cold blue, this brutal story of a young Turkish woman taking on a violent serial killer is the kind of film that makes you leave marks on the edge of your seat. The effect of viewing it is akin to receiving a roundhouse kick from its kick-ass lead – it hurts, it makes you dazed and you totally want another one. It’s not every day a straight genre film can bring so many layers without ever turning po-faced and Cold Hell manages this task admirably.

Trust me when I say that the audience will come out of that screening buzzing and you will wish you were there to have experienced this crazy moment with a full house.

So come – join us on Saturday 26th August 9PM upstairs at The Prince Charles Theatre for the U.K. Premiere of Cold Hell.” Evrim

For more details and to book tickets to see Cold Hell head here!