Cinedisc – The Forgotten Record


I’m always looking for anything offbeat that’s cinema related which is how I found this unique record from 1975 on ebay recently. It’s a promotional single for a very short lived attempt to sell records through cinema advertising during the intermission. Cinedisc was a specially recorded radio style show that would play new record releases, all linked by a smooth voiced DJ, during the cinema intermission before the main film started.

The idea would be that record companies would pay for their records to be featured on the show which would play to cinema audiences each week. At first I thought this record was one of the actual shows but it turns out that was distributed on tape due to the length of the show. This record is actually a promo single that was sent to record stores before Cinedisc launched, to try and drum up interest in the show. It features a 5-minute sample for the show along with a written explanation of the what it’s all about, plus there’s the chance to have your store featured in the 35MM advert that would be the first thing played on screen once the Cinedisc show had finished, there was a generic advert created where you could drop the name of your local store in at the end, now there’s an advert I’d love to try and track down!

It’s a great record and a fun find, but sadly it’s wasn’t a very good idea, people are there to watch a film, they’re not really interested in thinking about buying music, apparently Cinedisc went our of business by the end of the year and slipped into obscurity. But we still have this promo single to listen to, plus one day one of the original cinema show tapes might turn up! You can listen to the record below via our YouTube upload and check out the scans of the sleeve info as well. We’ll see you at in the front row!