The Mystery Trailer Reel


This Wednesday night we’ll be hosting a rare 35MM screening  of Robert Altman’s little seen 1980s teen comedy O.C. & Stiggs as part of the Prince Charles Cinema’s Check The Gate season and this being The Duke we want to give you something more!

So we’re going to also be unleashing on you’re a Mystery 35MM Trailer Reel before the film, but what’s unique about this is that it’s even a mystery to us! Yes even we don’t know what’s on this reel so we’ll all be watching it for the first time together on Wednesday night. So how did this happen? Well it’s a simple case of me having picked up two very old looking reels of film a few years ago and then managing to lose the paperwork that came with them.

Normally I’m really good at documenting what we’ve got in our archive, writing everything down and keeping a running list of everything we’ve got, but somehow these two reels managed to slip through the net. Now I know one of the reels was supposed to be all adverts and the other was all trailers and I knew which was which, but I’ve now got no idea of what trailers are on the reel. The thing I figured is that there must have been a reason for me to pick this trailer reel up, there must have been something worth buying it for, but I can’t for the life of me remember what’s actually on it.

But there is one person who’s actually seen it, that’s our very good friend Russ who helps us out with all things film related, I had to ask him to watch the reel through and check that it’s in a playable state for the night, but he was sworn to secrecy about the actual content of the reel. But you know what he said about it? He said it’s REALLY GOOD!

So are you daring enough to come and join us to find out what’s on the reel? Do you want to also see a super rare 35MM screening of the Robert Altman film that no one seems to have ever heard of? If so then we’ll see you on Wednesday night at the Prince Charles Cinema for O.C. & Stiggs – book tickets here!