Family Honor (1973)

The long long unseen NY crime thriller Family Honor (1973) has finally surfaced by way of what looks to have been the director himself uploading his own copy to YouTube, more proof that if you look and wait long enough most things eventually turn up!


I’d first heard of this very obscure thriller by stumbling on the trailer via YouTube, which made it looks like a total must see, take a watch here:

Looking around I was surprised to find that there was no way at all to see this great looking 70s crime Mafia thriller, there was no VHS, DVD, online version or seemingly any other way of watching this.

I’d filed it away in the back of my mind and hoped that one day it would surface, well that day is now here as we can now all watch it over on YouTube. The uploader shares the same name as the director: Clark Worswick, and the info says this copy if taken from one of only 3 film prints known to exist, so yes it looks like the director himself has had his own print transferred to digital and then uploaded it to YouTube.

So how is it? Well it’s a fun watch that feels so authentic as it’s all shot on grimy locations which really give you a feel for the time and the place. It’s quite talky as well, really more of a drama than a thriller, but I still had a great time watching this, plus the directors use of extreme close ups gives the whole things a tight claustrophobic feel. There also seems to have been a strange effect picked up in the transfer, in a lot of close up scenes the background seems to wobble and warp quite often, I kind of enjoyed this unexpected effect as it just adds to the strangeness of finally being able to see this film.

You can watch all 4-parts of the great Family Honor right here, just to note Part 4 is only about 5-minutes long, with a lot of black screen at the end. Enjoy this super rarity!



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