We’ve found the Birthday Party tape!


Amazing news! Last night we found the missing Video Store Birthday Party tape that we sadly didn’t get to see at our last night. For anyone who wasn’t there we’d got hold of a huge haul of trailer and demo tapes from a closed down video store, which we all explored on the night. Out closing highlight though was going to be watching a tape that the store owners had used to record someone having their birthday party in the shop.

Sadly it turned out we had the wrong tape on the night so we didn’t get to watch it. But over the last few nights I’ve been checking through all the tapes we got from the store and I’ve now found it.

We’ve only watched the first 10-seconds of it but it starts right in the video store itself, so we’ll all finally get to see what happens. You’ll have to come along to our March night it though to see it, who knows what happens on the rest of the tape?!?!