Come and watch The Samurai with us!



With the Prince Charles special screeningof ‘The Samurai‘ happening tomorrow, we at The Duke thought it only fair to give those not quite committed to coming a little bit of temptation. So below are our top 3 reasons why you should join us at the screening tomorrow:

1Till Kleinert, the director, has come in to town exclusively for the event! Till is not only a very talented man but also incredibly funny and he’s flown in straight from another festival into London to talk about the film. Not only that but he has also brought with him some very special surprises that will heighten and increase your enjoyment of the film.

2 – The freebies! In true Duke fashion, and with many thanks to our friends at Peccadillo Pictures, we have amassed a nice bit of stuff to giveaway during the screening – only just like any other Duke event, this will be done with a bit of a twist! Also – again with the help of Peccadillo Pictures – we’ve made it happen so that you can purchase advance copiesof The Samurai ahead of its release date and if you ask nicely, Till may even sign them!

3 – The film! ‘The Samurai’ is a brilliant film that needs to be seen on the big screen – just last week it slated the audiences Stateside at the Boston Underground Film Festival and this one-off event is your chance to experience it in a very special environment.

If those reasons are not enough to make you reach out for your wallet to buy a ticket well, then there might not be any salvation for you. Remember – come and support The Duke at this event and that way we can keep working with venues to put on even more odd stuff!

Book tickets for the screening right here