Everything Is Holiday -Day One

imageSo I’ve made it to LA! That’s my view for the next 10-days, wish you we’re all here to share it with me. 

I’m writing this at 10PM local time, which I think means it’s now 6AM UK time, which means I’ve officially been awake for over 24-hours. How was today then? Real easy actually, the flight was good, only half full so I got an entire row of seats to myself. I’d seen every decent film playing and couldn’t bring myself to watch The Other Wonan, so settled for working my way through the TV show section, I ended up watching a random episode of Games Of Thrones, which still doesn’t do anything for me.

The best thing about the flight was the crazy cab driver that picked me up, I’d always wanted to have a guy waiting for me at an airport with my name on a card and he came really close, from now on you can refer to me as Ales Kidd if you want! Wish I’d got a picture of that. But he had the wildest stories and didn’t stop talking once all through the drive, telling me about how he’d been a mercenary for the Russian army, how he’d been to every country and broken every speeding law they had, funny and odd at the same time.

Then as I’m staying on my own tonight until my friends get here tomorrow I found myself at a lose end, so on everyone’s LA advice I fixed myself up with the amazing Uber app, typed up a taxi and headed for the one place I wanted to go to first: Ameoba Records! 

It was so good to be back there, if you’ve never been it’s such a brilliantly old school record store and so huge. But the best thing is that it stocks new and 2nd hand stuff, so you never know what’s going to be in there. I headed straight for the DVD section, which also still carries VHS and LaserDisc! Then it was back down to the 7inch single section to find two amazing boxes, one marked SPACE the other Odder & Odder, or something like that. Space was all singles about outer space and aliens! I couldn’t stop myself, I had to get a handful from both boxes, here’s just one to give you an idea of what I picked up tonight:


And believe me there’s plenty more where that came from! So now I’m going to try and stay up until past midnight, just to see how long I can stay awake. I have a breakfast date set up tomorrow morning and then it’s supply shopping to cover the rest of the week! Now I just can’t wait until Everything Is Festival starts on Thursday evening!