Evrim joins the Fantastic Fest programming team!

Yes here’s some amazing news, our leader Evrim is now part of the Fantastic Fest programming team! Here’s the full press release that was sent out today:

Austin, TX – Wednesday, December 4, 2014 – Alamo Drafthouse is pleased to announce Evrim Ersoy as the latest cinephile extraordinaire to join Fantastic Fest’s Programming team. Evrim brings a wealth of global credentials with him having programmed for Los Angeles’ Beyond Fest, the Boston Underground Film Festival and London’s The Duke Mitchell Film Club, anointed by Time Out as “London’s best film club,” of which he is also the founder. Prior to joining Alamo Drafthouse, Evrim was the assistant manager at The Cinema Bookshop, Europe’s first and largest film archive and specialist bookshop. He has also directed a number of short films including 2014’s Abdullah, which was featured in competition at Fantastic Fest, Sitges and Fright Fest.

Evrim joins Fantastic Fest’s team on the heels of its 10-year anniversary in which it celebrated its biggest year featuring 80 films and 22 World Premieres.

“We’ve long admired Evrim’s programming expertise and we’re proud to have him aboard,” says Fantastic Fest founder Tim League. “What we really love about Evrim is that he is the complete package: a true cineaste with an obsessive passion for film that extends beyond programming into directing, film commentary and film history.”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Fantastic Fest is one of the most exciting and progressive film festivals in the world. To build upon a decade’s worth of maniacal brilliance and help shape its future is an absolute honor,” said Evrim. “It’s truly inspiring to be a part of the team who have influenced genre cinema on an international level.”

Evrim joins a distinguished team of Fantastic Fest programmers including Tim League, Karrie League, James Shapiro, Kristen Bell, Brandy Fons, Todd Brown, Rodney Perkins, Brian Kelley, and Luke Mullen.

Your Eyes Vs Plaza Theater, El Paso, Texas

Got your shades on? Yes? Ok well now you can look upon possible the most dazzling, overpowering and downright wild cinema exterior I’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Plaza theatre, El Paso, Texas circa 1962.


Yes once you actually got inside to watch Dr. No you probably wouldn’t have be able to see anything as your eyes would have been overload with all that ballyhoo showmanship outside. Now how about we all go and watch Hitchcock’s The Birds? Shades at the ready?


The Plaza Theatre started life in 1930 and operated as a multi-purpose venue, hosting theatre productions, music concerts and of course film screenings. Over the decades it had it’s up and downs but we’re happy to report that it’s still open and going stronger than ever now, thanks to an extensive refit back in 2006. The best thing? Check out how it looks now, yes it’s still trying to destroy your eyeballs with light! 



Plaza Theatre, El Paso, Texas – The Duke salutes you!