FrightFest Halloween Pre-show!

We had a blast putting together and screening the pre-show weirdness at the FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer, it was so much fun seeing all the craziness on the Prince Charles Cinema big screen. A couple of people asked about some of the clips we showed, so here’s a complete breakdown of everything screened, click on the text to watch it on YouTube.

But before that here’s my favourite clip from the lot: Harum Skarum from the mighty BlackMagic Rollercoaster!

Pre-Show 1

Halloween Coupons Vincent Price

Pagan Invasion (Edited Version)

Blind Terror – Trailer

Satan Satanic Satanism

First Jason – Victim

Pre-Show 2

Diet Coke Haunted House w/Peter Cook

The Carrier – Trailer

Mums Gone To Iceland

Eddie Money – Think I’m In Love

Death Ship – Trailer

Pre-Show 3

Elivra Mug Root Beer

Don’t Panic – Trailer

Satinism Unmasked

The Lock-In – Trailer

First Jason – Heed My Warning

Pre-Show 4

Sunkist Spooky Fruit

WNUF Halloween Special – Trailer

Ridin’ The Rails

Sheena Easton Telefone – Long Distance Love Affair

To The Devil A Daughter – Trailer

Pre-Show 5

Finding Bigfoot Wendy’s Advert

Harum Skarum

Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults (Edited Version)

The Attic – Trailer

Pre-Show 6

Addams Family Tostitos Chilada Advert

Rolling Vengeance – Trailer

Fist To The Groin

Blood Games – Trailer

First Jason – Jason’s Bride


FrightFest Halloween 2016

The FrightFest Halloween all-dayer line-up has been announced! Whatever you do don’t miss the incredible HeadShot playing the late night slot. Also we’ll be doing all the pre-show video madness between each film, get ready for trailers, found footage, music videos, adverts and anything else we can get away with playing on the big The Prince Charles Cinema screen!


The FrightFest Halloween Found Footage

This past weekend we got to unleash some of our found footage edits onto the Prince Charles Cinema screen as part of the FrightFest 2015 Halloween All-Dayer. We’d been asked to put together some pre-show compilations and I’d dropped some of our favourite oddities into the mix along with a great selection of obscure horror trailers, adverts and music videos.

Here’s our 5 found footage edits we dropped on the day, the 5th one never got played due to time issues, but if you’d been at the FrightFest film party in August then you’ll have already experienced the almighty weirdness of HULL!

The Duke Mitchell Film Club presents: A Night Of Halloween Horrors


Monday 26 October – Phoenix Artist Club – 7PM-11PM FREE ENTRY!

Yes good friend it’s October and you’re invited to join our evil ambassador Evrim as he takes control of your senses for a night of hand-picked horror shorts from all 4-corners of this wicked world. Join us trusty disciple as we guide you down a dark and dangerous road, a road populated by some of the most evil, demented and scary horror films you’ll ever encounter.

But that’s not the only delight we have in store for you, for Night Of The Trailers has been making a deal with the evil one himself to help locate a collection of the most foul and depraved horror trailers imaginable, ones only available from Satan’s VHS rental store itself, located at 666 Bad Tracking Boulevard.

Come along as we’ll be tempting you to sell your soul for our devilishly good giveaways on the night plus who knows what else might be lurking in the darkness ready to pounce when you’re least expecting it… Dare you miss this night?