Everything Is Terrible – Found Footage Battle Royale

Here’s all 6 clips that I created for the Everything Is Festival Found Footage Battle Royale 2014, sadly my first clip didn’t play well and I went out in the first round. I think if I’d have played my clips in reverse order I’d have done much better, but I had a great time there so it’s all good. Enjoy the clips!

Everything Is Holiday – Day Two



Today was my first full day here in LA and for various reasons I’ve now found myself with a third phone! Yes none of us could figure out how to get a USA SIM card for my other phone, so we came the conclusion it would just be easier the get the cheapest possible burner mobile and just use that. So I’ve now gone from the man with no phone, to the man with three phones!

Not sure how long I’m going to last here tonight, the jet lag kicked me hard today, having woken up at 5AM, I’m now nearly passing out at 10PM right now.

Today we picked up a parcel I’d had sent here from a film collector that I’ve been buying 35MM trailers from, he’s been slowly selling off his collection over the past few months. To save me a lot of money on postage and import duties I’d got him to send me them here and I’ll take them home in my luggage, saving me a lot of money.

Also today I’ve had really good Mexican food twice, taken a late night scenic drive along Mulholland Drive, tried to visit a great looking record store only to find out it had just closed and most importantly I’ve exposed yet another person to the might of the Exciting Exhortations!

Tomorrow is the first day of Everything Is Festival, the opening night event, Memory Hole, is fee to get into and it’s first come first served with 170 tickets to give away from 7PM, I’m going to head there early and just wait it out, can’t miss this one after coming all this way!