Kung Fu Elliot

One of the highlights from our Early April Fools’ Special this year was the trailer to ‘They Killed My Cat’, a low budget martial arts action film from Canadian director/star Elliot Scott. Now if you enjoyed the trailer what you should take a look at is the feature length documentary about Elliot and his filmmaking empire, ‘Kung Fu Elliot’, it’s a fascinating film, but there’s a lot more to it then you think at first. We’re not going to spoil anything for you, but let’s just say that things go off in a very unexpected director and there’s more to this documentary than just covering filmmaking. Do track it down as it’s a very revealing documentary and highly entertaining.

Below are the trailers for Kung Fu Elliot, They Killed My Cat and various other Elliot Scott related videos.

Big thanks and what’s up next?

Thanks so much to everyone who braved coming along last night, it was so great to have such a packed room for all those wild films. Next up for The Duke come and join us at The Prince Charles Cinema on Thursday 9 April for our screening of The Samurai. Plus we’ll be back at Phoenix Artist Club on Monday 27 April with a very special night as The Duke is teaming up with the amazing Aorta Burst Film Club to bring you a double-header night of film mayhem! Full details on that one very soon….


One week to go!

We’re just one week away from our Early April Fools’ Special, join us for a night of the worst that we can find. Our main film is the truly terrible Mountain Fury, we can’t wait to share this with you. Here’s the sleeve, please note that nothing featured on the sleeve actually happens in the film, that’s how weird it is!

mountain fury