Lost Blaxploitation Films

We had a great online chat last night with the fine folks at the Department Of Afro-American Research and Culture (DAARAC) aka Blaxploitation Pride! They shared with us their list of 7 lost and long unseen Blaxploitation classics they’re trying to track down, take a look at the titles on the image below, if anyone has any leads on any of these films then please do drop them, or us, a line!


The seven films featured on the list are:

Solomon King (1974) IMDB link.

Black Chariot (1971) IMDB link.

Black Cream (1972) IMDB link.

The Limit (1972) IMDB link. Directed by and starring Yaphet Kotto

Superdude aka The Hangup (1974) IMDB link.

The Long Night aka Steely Brown (1976) IMDB link.

Really pleased to say that we found the 35MM trailer for The Long Night aka Steeley Brown, a few years back, now we just need to find the film itself. There was a screening of it a while ago in NYC, but now it seems to have vanished again.

Check out our trailer for the film right here:

Also it’s known that Hangup aka Superdude exists in the AGFA archive in Austin, Texas and has been screened once at one of their Drafthouse cinemas, so that one is sort of found, even though we can’t watch it right now.

Let’s get at least one of these found in 2017!