Leicester Square 1976 Style!


A fantastic random picture find via ebay here’s a look back at the square in 1976, one that magically manages to capture 4 cinemas all in one frame. Far right and mostly obscured by the railing it’s the Warner Brothers West End, we can’t see what’s playing though sadly. Then look up and central and you’ll see a previously unknown sign for The Prince Charles Cinema which is just out of sight up Leicester Place. Then there’s the long gone Jacey which is playing Black Emanuelle, must have been amazing to walk past and see that huge billboard displaying that one. Then on the far left you can just see the marquee for The Empire, where you can make out the partial word ROSSING, which is very probably The Cassandra Crossing from 1976, the date fits and I can’t think of anything else that fits title wise. The toilets are still in the same position, though updated now, beyond the changes to the shops and restaurants this side of the square still actually looks quite the same today.

Elton John goes to the cinema…

Here’s Elton John leaving the cinema with Princess Margaret in 1976 having just been to see The Sunshine Boys at a public screening. We could be wrong but it looks like they went to see it at the ABC Shaftsbury Avenue, also can you see what other film was playing that night? Yes Stanley Kubrick‘s Barry Lyndon was on in the other screen. Also take a close look at the bloke in the background pictured between them, looks like he’s about to shout something very unfunny.