Ginger (1971) Vinyl Radio Spots

Next up in our series of vinyl radio spot rips is the 1971 crime drama exploitation adventure Ginger, directed by Don Schain and starring Cheri Caffaro as Ginger McAllister. These two radio spots do their best to sell the sex / erotic angle of the film, as always seems to be the case from this era.

Can’t make it to The Duke?

The blog has been a little bit quiet recently, that’s because we’re spending every minute we have working on #DukeFest Zero, we want it to be the best we can possibly make it. But we would like to say that if you can’t make it along to our regular Duke screening tonight, then you should treat yourself and watch these tantalising clips from Martin Brest‘s short 1971 student film ‘Hot Dogs For Gauguin‘ instead, it features a very young looking Danny DeVito and looks to be a total blast! Maybe one day we’ll be able to screen this at The Duke for us to all enjoy…