Just WHO is Yadigar Ejder?


That’s the question The Duke is looking to answer this month: a stunt man, a character actor, dedicated member of Turkish Cinema, pauper, forgotten soul… he is all these and more – an embodiment of all forgotten actors in films everywhere!

To celebrate the anniversary of his death; The Duke is dedicating an entire evening to celebrating the unsung heroes of cinema: those who take the death-defying risks but never see the glory – stuntman, characters actors, body doubles and more!

Our main film for the evening is a Cuneyt Arkin classic – ‘Yikilmayan Adam’ – a crazy socio-political action commentary on the state of Turkey in 1977!

Trust us when we say that no-one has ever defended socialism as Cuneyt Arkin does – with high-kicks, punches and endless, endless violence!

This will be the first time the film has been shown to an audience outside Turkey with English subtitles!

Our trash will be paying tribute to not only the man but all his counterparts across time and space whilst instead of the usual short we’ll be delivering a crash course as to who exactly is Yadigar Ejder. As usual we’ll have music to fit the theme of the evening with ruckus action tunes, posters to make your eyes pop and a quiz with some decent prizes to take home.

So this February, shake off the chill, step into the warmth and experience an aspect of cinema you’re unlikely to ever come across again at The Duke Mitchell Film Club.



The Duke is kicking 2013 off in our usual challenging style by starting with a night where we’re not going to tell you anything we’re screening. The only things we will tell you is that we’ll be presenting a very rare feature film that we’ve managed to locate and we’ll be watching it for the first time with you on the night- the film does have a great reputation as an overlooked classic, but will it turn out that way?

We’ll all have to wait and see!

We’ll also have our regular Trailer Trash but even that’s going to have an extra surprise element to it, what will that be?

Come along on the night to find out what we’ve come up with. And of course there’ll be a short or two mixed in there along with a mystifying quiz, great music, good company and lots more.

So come along with a sense of adventure and discovery as we head out into the wilderness of film history and see what we can discover together.

Christmas with the Family


This Christmas The Duke finds himself in festive mood again – so much so that he’s assembled the most unusual and unknown roster of Christmas related goodies.

Our film this month is a real cracker – ‘3615 code Pere Noel’ – described as ‘Die Hard meets Home Alone’ this never-before-seen 1989 French delight will be one of the highlights of anyone’s season.

As always our trailer trash continues with an epic 6th in a row all-new Christmas theme whilst our short promises some traditional chills. Add to this mix the usual pictures, music, quiz and some other festive touches and you have one unmissable date.

So come on down on December the 12th and let The Duke entertain you in true Christmas fashion.



November is a cold, tough month so The Duke invites his audience to join him in a celebration of the toughest films ever to appear on the silver screen!

Yes, this month, The Duke celebrates all that is hardboiled: men, women, villains, lackeys, liquor – tough things that like to play fast and rough, leaving no room to breathe. Look, see – this is the month The Duke brings together all those vicious bastards we all love to hate.

However in true Duke style the film we’ve chosen will not be familiar to anyone – a 1973 oddity from Egypt called ‘Kuwait Connection’ (AKA Wolves Don’t Eat Meat!) – the bastard child of Italian crime films and French art-house featuring an assassin with a gold sniper rifle, copious amounts of violence and wall-to-wall sleaze. This will be the FIRST TIME EVER this amazing title has been screened out of its home-country and the first time it has been made available with any sort of English subtitles.

If that wasn’t enough The Duke has amassed tough guy trailers to make you wince – hold on to you whisky glass because these are sure to drive you to the edge!

As usual we will also have our short film full of visceral action, music to plan a heist to and a quiz full of the usual suspects and music that all the known villains are grooving to!

So come on down this November and join The Duke is a short, sharp ride that’s sure to end badly for everyone!